Investment Seminars and Roadshows

Presentations on an ad hoc basis for various clients, including:

  • Investment Road Shows for various interested parties
  • Association of Unit Trusts (AUT)
  • Financial Planning Institute (FPI)
  • Rode Property Conferences

Presentation Menu

The following presentations are currently available:

The Richest Man in Babylon and Today

  • The people from Babylon were the richest on a per capita basis in the ancient world.
  • What were the principles of investment that they followed that contributed greatly to their success? These principles are highlighted with examples from our everyday life.
  • These investment principles are compared with the philosophy of the richest man today, Warren Buffet.

Building Generational Wealth

The Long Term Investment Cycle

South African Scenarios: Quo Vadis?

  • It is practically impossible to predict the future.
  • Three different future outcomes (scenarios) are developed that have an important bearing on the structuring of investment portfolios today.
  • The audience will participate in the rating of the possible outcomes.

Property Road Map (Rode 2012 Conference)

  • What is the current outlook for the different property sectors (House Prices, Listed Property, Commercial Property)?

A Financial Road Map for the Future

  • This presentation is based on the highly successful last programme of Moneymate / RSG Geldsake which I hosted for two years on a Wednesday afternoon from the Cape Town SABC Studios

Current Outlook for Financial Markets

  • What is my current best view regarding the outlook for Financial Markets?