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Individual Risk Profile

Question 1

I feel comfortable with making my own investment decisions.

Question 2

I enjoy gambling in a casino, making bets with my friends, or betting on sports events.

Question 3

I would be willing to incur debt in order to do an investment that could possibly double my money.

Question 4

If I invested in shares that increased by 50% in one year, I would:

Question 5

I believe in luck.

Question 6

I think that people who plan their investments and give careful attention to them, will always be successful.

Question 7

If I am one of five finalists in a lottery with prize money of R100,000, I would retain my lottery ticket and take a chance rather than try to sell it for R15,000.

Question 8

Inflation increases faster than my salary and I require additional income. I would be prepared to convert my bank deposit (of which the investment sum is guaranteed) to cash and purchase a long-term fixed income security with a higher return (but fluctuating capital value).

Personal Profile

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